Bright*Star Lens Cleaner & Concentrates

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Bright*Star Lens Cleaner!

  • **MADE IN THE USA!**
  • Odorless,  VOC & Alcohol free.
  • Safe to use on all types of lenses.
  • No streaks, residue or smudges.
  • Low Low customer pricing !
  • For best results the concentrated solution should be mixed with De-ionized water, tap water can also be used.
  • If you have DI water (preferred) on site use the 2.5 gallon container to start, order  with the concentrate formula and add the water at your lab to save on weight with shipping costs. 
  • Keep ordering the refills and save !

Part # LC-101 Gallon

Part # LC-102 2.5 Gallon (container EMPTY) fill with the concentrate

Part # LC-103 8oz 1 Gallon concentrate

Part # LC-104 8oz 2.5 Gallon concentrate