BPI® Mini Tank 8

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BPI® Stainless Steel Mini Tank 8 is made of 100% low maintenance stainless steel. The chassis is lined with high value insulation with excellent heat retention properties. BPI Stainless Steel Mini Tank 8 is constructed from UL listed components (USA Underwriters Laboratory) and meets or exceeds the European CE standards. It holds 8 mini tanks.

It is an ideal system for providing in-office UV protection or sunglass tints. The instrument has a built-in receptacle for an optional gradient and has a 5 year limited warranty.7.50 x 11 x 21 in (19 x 28 x 53.3 cm)Set-up Kit: BPI Lens Prep II. BPI Neutralizer II. BPI GL77 Heat Transfer Fluid. BPI Lens Holder II. 6-pack of BPI Molecular Catalytic Tints (Gray, green, blue, yellow, brown, pink). Manual. Tanks and lids. Adapter Plate. Precision thermometer. Wall outlet (UL systems). HTF siphon pump.